January/February 2020

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New Products and selling opportunities
You want to ensure your purchase is an investment – not simply overhead. That means, sitting down with your suppliers, analyzing how your group practice works, evaluating your short- and long-term goals and arriving at the best solutions.Efficiency in Group Practice asked manufacturers about products in 2020 that will help group practices deliver optimal patient care at a great value. Here’s what they shared.

Editor’s Note
The makings of success

An unrivaled educational experience

Growing dental practices through quality content and SEO

A game changer
With access to new technology and the ability to connect with – and educate – patients, Advanced Dental Solutions helps patients discover a new reason to smile

Leaders in prevention
February is National Children’s Dental Health Month – a time to remember the important role hygienists play in preventive oral health.

Children’s health on tap in February

Treating teens
Dental professionals must remind parents and guardians to stay engaged in their teens’ daily habits and food choices

Now hiring!
Hiring and retaining staff is a universal challenge for dental practices, regardless of their size or model.

Hiring in a competitive market
It’s important to find the right person to fill a position – and then convince them to stay

Direct manufacturer, direct savings for any size DSO

Protecting the patient
Let patients know what and why you do the things you do to keep them healthy and safe.