448PP 8-Quart Pressure Pot & Pneumatic Curing Vessel by Handler

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Most dentists will have an opportunity to care for denture patients throughout their career. With the Handler 448PP 8-Quart Pressure Pot and Curing Vessel, they can easily make on-site adjustments, whenever an emergency arises.

When patients experience denture pain, it is often caused by a failure, such as a crack or normal wear and tear. In some cases, a new denture may require a realignment or adjustment. With a Handler model 448PP, dentists can make the adjustment to the denture, cure it on site and refit the patient with the repaired denture to ensure it fits properly with no pain – often on the same day the patient comes to the office.  The procedure is billable, but at a relatively low cost to patients. In the end, patients benefit from immediate pain relief and dentists save on lab fees.

The cost of the 448PP is relatively low, making it an attractive investment for many dental practices. The technology is easy to implement and most dentists are trained in these procedures, which can be easily managed during down time. That said, some dental practices may prefer to hire a lab technician to perform the application of denture repair and reline.

The 448PP comes complete with a fill valve, a relief valve for safety and an air hose to connect to a compressed air line. A common misconception is that the 448PP must be heated; in actuality, no added heat is required. The dental assistant or hygienist can simply fill the bottom with warm water, put the denture repair inside, close the lid and add 22 PSI. It’s important to follow manufacturer instructions for curing acrylic materials.

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