VOCO Admira Fusion x-tra

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Admira Fusion x-tra by VOCO is a single-shade, omni-chromatic nano-ORMOCER restorative material. Based purely on silicon oxide, it’s designed to optimally shade-match with the surrounding tooth structure in which it is placed, helping clinicians avoid the cost of purchasing a variety of shades, or the waste of disposing of expired shades. The x-tra in Admira Fusion x-tra refers to the enhanced physical properties it provides to clinicians, supported by its nano-ORMOCER composition, especially when compared to other single-shade nano-hybrid restoratives. This includes an extremely low shrinkage rate of 1.25 percent and a shrinkage stress of up to 50 percent lower than other brands.

Admira Fusion x-tra features high color stability and low water absorption, ensuring long-term esthetics and performance. In addition, the material’s pure silicate technology means it contains no classic monomers, is 100 percent BPA free, and delivers a new standard in biocompatibility, putting clinicians and their patients at ease.

Admira Fusion x-tra’s nano-particulate is grown using the sol-gel process; the particulate is perfectly spherical and only 20-40nm in diameter – smaller than the range of wavelengths of visible light. Light passes through this nano-particulate, hits and bounces off the surrounding tooth structure and eventually gets interpreted by the human eye as the shade of the surrounding tooth structure. Furthermore, Admira Fusion x-tra offers a 4mm depth of cure with indications that include Class I, Class II and Class V restorations.

Dentists should ask themselves the following when considering Admira Fusion x-tra:

  • “Am I looking to streamline our inventory without reducing the quality of material solution I offer my patients?”
  • “Am I interested in decreasing the amount of time I need to complete a restorative procedure?”
  • “Do I have an answer or solution when my patients ask if the product I am placing in their mouth contains BPA?”

As a dentist, I may have a few concerns:

  • I am comfortable with my current composite.
    • As more and more patients ask questions about the materials being placed in their mouth, clinicians must be more selective about the products they use. Your patients will appreciate knowing you’ve chosen the most advanced, biocompatible, BPA-free material, with their best interest in mind.
    • Admira Fusion x-tra enables clincians to simplify their day-to-day procedures and save time, without decreasing the quality of care. The chameleon effect of Admira Fusion x-tra will allow you to eliminate time and concern over shade selection. You can provide high quality performance while minimizing your composite inventory to reduce overhead costs.

Practitioners will appreciate Admira Fusion x-tra’s speed and agility, as well as its non-sticky handling. Patients will appreciate the biocompatibility and esthetics. And practice owners who keep a close watch on the bottom line will appreciate Admira Fusion x-tra’s reduction of inventory through its single omni-chromatic shade capabilities.

Editor’s note: Sponsored by VOCO.