The 3s PowerCure System by Ivoclar Vivadent

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The 3s PowerCure System by Ivoclar Vivadent provides offices with a three-tiered solution of esthetics, quality and unparalleled efficiency. The system is comprised of four coordinated products: the adhesive, Adhese® Universal; the sculptable and flowable 4mm composites, Tetric® PowerFill and Tetric® PowerFlow; and the high-power curing light, Bluephase® PowerCure, capable of curing the adhesive and composites in just three seconds. The 3s PowerCure System is an open dental system; each individual product can be used to address a range of standard indications. Tetric PowerFill is a 4mm sculptable composite that can be cured in only 3 seconds with the Bluephase PowerCure curing light, or in 10 seconds with a curing light intensity of > 1000 mW/cm2.

Dentists can count on:

  • Outstanding esthetics, including lifelike esthetics in the posterior region due to Ivocerin® and Aessencio® technologies.
  • High quality, such as that provided by conventional composites, and better reliability due to fewer layers, shorter curing times and intelligent curing assistance.
  • Greater efficiency. Clinicians can expect 57 percent time savings over conventional incremental technique due to increased layer thickness (up to 4mm) and reduced curing times (starting at 3 seconds).

The 3s PowerCure is the only system designed to make curing 4mm increments of composites in just three seconds not only a reality, but help guarantee a better quality and esthetic outcome than other options offered today. This is a true innovation in chairside direct restoratives. Dentists can expect to lower their costs by reducing time spent on posterior direct restorations.

Still, some dentists may have a few concerns:

  • There may be too much heat and too much shrinkage.
    • It took the manufacturer 10 years to develop the system, and they focused on finding solutions to the same concerns you are mentioning today.
    • Heat: Study from a third party shows that two curing cycles in the three-second mode (3000 mW/cm2) don’t increase the temp of the pulp any more than one 10-second cure of a high-powered curing light (1200 mW/cm2).
    • Shrinkage: There are tests that show the two patents (shrinkage stress reliever and chain transfer agent) minimize and reduce shrinkage to levels beyond a conventional composite. The Flexural strength also increases due to the chain transfer agent.

It all comes down to Ivoclar Vivadent’s mission to provide a direct chairside solution that offers dentists and patients esthetics, high quality and less time in the chair.

Editor’s note: Sponsored by Ivoclar Vivadent.