Accutron Axess™ Nasal Masks by Crosstex International, a Cantel Medical company

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Dental anxiety presents a common challenge for dentists and patients alike. Patients suffering from dental anxiety tend to cancel or delay their appointments until they are in extreme discomfort. And, once in the chair, they often are less cooperative, leading to prolonged chair time. Multiple cancellations and extended treatment times can impact a practice’s bottom line and detract from the dental team’s ability to provide the best possible care.

Administering nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation has long been considered a safe approach to addressing patients’ anxiety. Traditionally, however, the nasal mask and tubing have potentially impeded the clinician’s access to the oral cavity. Today that’s no longer the case! New low-profile nasal masks and slender scavenging circuits, such as Accutron Axess™ Nasal Masks by Crosstex, a Cantel Medical company, have completely changed how nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation can be delivered.

For relief from anxiety during the dental visit – even during procedures requiring access to the upper oral cavity – the low-profile design of Axess™ Nasal Masks provides unencumbered oral access while its small, lightweight scavenging system is easy to work around, enabling clinicians to deliver efficient care to more patients. Axess™ Nasal Masks have a comfortable yet snug design with no tape or cannula protruding into the nostril. They are available in various sizes, ensuring the best possible best fit for the patient, as well as several colors and soothing scents, and are individually wrapped to ensure efficiency and infection control.

Axess™ Nasal Masks are translucent, making it easier to monitor patients’ breathing. The clinician can check that the patient is breathing through the nose, rather than the mouth, ensuring the mixed gas is delivered appropriately and that minimal quantities of nitrous oxide are released into the operatory. The lightweight scavenging system of the Axess™ Scavenging Circuit fits behind the patient’s ears for increased comfort, and is autoclavable, making it eco-friendly and cost-efficient.

Dentists should ask themselves the following when considering Axess™ Nasal Masks:

  • “What percentage of our appointments get cancelled?”
  • “Do scheduled appointments run late on most days?”
  • “How is our office currently handling anxious patients?”
  • “Is our current nasal mask easy to work around?”

Some dentists may have a few concerns:

  • The nasal mask gets in the way of treatment.
    • The low-profile design of the new Axess™ Nasal Masks provides unencumbered oral access while its small, lightweight scavenging system is easy to work around.
  • Nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation is an outdated treatment method.
    • Nitrous oxide/oxygen sedation has been used safely for many decades and has a strong safety record. No allergic reaction has ever been recorded and it has minimal side effects. To this day, it is an effective and safe method to manage dental anxiety.
  • I’ve heard that nitrous oxide exposure is unsafe for staff.
    • Per the JADA article on “NITROUS OXIDE IN THE DENTAL OFFICE” (Volume 128, Issue 3, 364 – 365), no evidence of adverse health effects was noted in offices using scavenging systems. It is important to check for proper installation and function of the scavenging systems and ensure appropriate ventilation in the operatory. It is also essential to follow the recommendation of personal physicians and take suitable precautions.

Editor’s note: Sponsored by Crosstex International, a Cantel Medical company.