MICRO-TOUCH® DENTA-GLOVE™ Green Neoprene by Ansell

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MICRO-TOUCH® DENTA-GLOVE™ Green Neoprene by Ansell is designed to deliver the ultimate fit, comfort, tactile sensitivity, stretchability and grip. Featuring our ERGOFORM™ ergonomic design technology, this glove helps reduces muscle effort, which can cause stress on joints, ligaments and tendons.

Ansell ergonomic technologies ensure comfort during extended procedures, wet grip innovations that prevent harmful mishandling, and micro-thin films for maximum sensitivity. Dental professionals can depend on a lower-cost Neoprene exam glove that delivers better clinician outcomes due to ERGOFORM™ Technology. In addition, MICRO-TOUCH® DENTA-GLOVE™ Green Neoprene delivers:

  • A unique formulation for extra sensitivity, with flexibility and comfort.
  • Protection from latex Type I allergy.
  • Strength and durability to help avoid snagging and tearing.
  • Low to no odor.

Dentists should ask themselves the following when considering MICRO-TOUCH® DENTA-GLOVE™ Green Neoprene:

  • “Is wet grip important to me and my staff while practicing?”
  • “Am I concerned with ergonomics at my practice?”
  • “Do our current gloves tend to rip or tear when donning?”

Some dentists may have a few concerns:

  • MICRO-TOUCH® DENTA-GLOVE™ Green Neoprene are priced too high.
    o With ERGOFORM™ technology and excellent wet grip dentists and their staff will be able to protect their hands from musculoskeletal disease, as well as enhance workplace efficiency with better wet grip.
  • This product is not bulk packaged.
    o Our 100-count box of gloves is easy to store in the office and has proven to be a desirable size for most dental practices.

MICRO-TOUCH® DENTA-GLOVE™ Green Neoprene are tested and determined safe for oral examination.

Editor’s note: Sponsored by Ansell.