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Clinicians don’t have the luxury of time when treating their pediatric patients; this is even more pronounced when working on children with special needs or complex health issues. With the launch of TheraCal PT, BISCO has greatly enhanced the efficiency of pulpotomy treatments by eliminating hand mixing of materials, long set times and waiting periods when medicaments are in the tooth.

Clinicians may agree on the value of maintaining primary teeth in order to maintain arch length, masticatory function and esthetics, but choice of pulpotomy medicaments are frequently debated. Most dentists don’t want to expose patients to harsh chemicals if it can be avoided. Although formocresol is still widely used, people are moving away from this material as it may be considered carcinogenic.

Of the regenerative materials options for pulpotomy, calcium hydroxide is the oldest and has been the most widely used biomaterial since the 19th century. However, one of the known limitations of calcium hydroxide-based materials is their relatively high solubility, which leads to dissolution of the material over time. TheraCal PT is moisture tolerant* and will not wash out.

TheraCal PT is a resin-modified calcium tri-silicate that has enhanced physical properties when compared to MTA material. Essentially, the primary ingredients used in both materials are similar but TheraCal PT contains a unique hydrophilic resin, which facilitates calcium release. Similar to MTA, TheraCal PT has an alkaline pH, is biocompatible and kind to the residual pulp. TheraCal PT is faster, easier and more cost efficient: a great alternative to using MTA for pulpotomies.

TheraCal PT:

  • Adapts to pulpal floor with minimal manipulation.
  • Resists breakdown and degradation.
  • Radiopaque (2.45mm)*.
  • Calcium Release*.
  • Alkaline pH*.
  • Auto-Mix.
  • Dual-Cure.
  • Ten-second Light-Cure for immediate restoration.
  • Complete in 1 office visit.
  • Maintains tooth vitality.

BISCO is an international dental restorative company that produces well-known products, such as the All-Bond family of adhesives, TheraCal LC,  TheraCem and Z-Prime Plus. Products are developed and manufactured in the United States with materials virtually made-to-order and never warehoused for any extended period of time. BISCO is a direct selling company, which allows the pricing of our products to be very competitive, thereby providing our DSO customers the very best value for their purchases.

Incorporating TheraCal PT in to your practices can expedite pulpotomies and pulp-capping procedures, which makes for happier patients and parents, and more efficient dental practices.

* Data on file.

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