May/Jun 2022

Cover Story — The Aspen ModelAspend Founder & CEO on building a consumer health care platform that empowers both providers and patients across health care industries

Dental Support Organizations are Leading Healthcare Integration

Emerging Group Spotlight: “Dread-Free” DentistryHow the patient experience is central to Renkin Dentistry’s success

Changing the Face of the Industry with Mobile DentistryHow we’ve been able to provide service to a community that was in desperate need of dental care

Tips for Selecting Your Next Site

Mobile Dentistry for Practice GrowthHow Floss Bar partners with employers to provide better dental care for employees without losing productivity

Analytics on In-House Specialties Drive Significant Profits for PracticesComplete Specialty Solutions taps Jarvis Analytics platform to advise DSOs

Leveraging Teledentistry6 ways dentists are increasing income, efficiency, and practice value with teledentistry

Q&A with Dr. Marc Ackerman: What’s next for teledentistry?The benefits of adopting a hybrid model

The Mouth-Body ConnectionBreaking down the silos between dental and medical care to deliver better growth for practices and improved clinical outcomes for patients

New Technology in Sleep Medicine Breaks Down Barriers to Treatment for DSOsImproving sleep apnea in patients can directly impact DSO bottom lines

Rules and RegulationsWhy a credentialing backlog can lead to compliance troubles for new dentists

The Next Evolution in DentistryHow reconsidering the strategic design of patient experience can lead to growth for DSOs

Clean Water & Best Management PracticesThe importance of managing wastewater safety to protect patients and the environment

The Ultimate CustomerGeneral dentists are specialties’ North Star at Community Dental Partners

Our Solution to Reduce the Stress of Paying for Dental CareSunbit helps dental group practices with case acceptance by making financing more accessible for patients

A Unique DSO/OSO Model Corus Orthodontics doesn’t acquire practices; it takes on doctor-partners as shareholders who are part of the decision-making

Specialty Integration in StyleOrthoDent Management implements orthodontics into its practices

Creating a Thriving General Dentistry Practice by Adding Specialty ServicesSo many general practices refer their patients out to specialty dental practices, but what if you could keep your patients in-house?

Aligning the Associate and DSO Mindsets Creating great partnerships isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario

Crash Course: Developing Great Managers for Growing Dental Organizations

Best of DSO Secrets: Books and Training Recommendations