Jan/Feb 2019

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Products to Watch
The best products for your group practice now

Editor’s Note
New Year, New Age

2019 ADSO Summit
Industry experts address topics critical to the growth and development of DSOs, including compliance, recruitment & retention, leadership and technology trends

A Foundation of Trust
EGP’s Dental Group Practice Summit unites industry leaders and vendor partners

Dealing with Toxic Coworkers

Unbeatable results
Beautifil Flow Plus X ensures aesthetic, comfortable, long-lasting restorations – peace of mind for clinicians and patients alike.

Infection Control in the Dental Practice: Questions to Ask

First Impressions
The look and feel of the reception area is important, but keeping it free of germs and infection is critical to the health of patients and staff.

Safe Water, Safe Patients
Growing attention to the hazards of contaminated dental unit water has led more dental clinicians to take the necessary steps to protect their patients.

Biotec Custom Steri-Centers:
Sterility assurance for any size practice

Medical Waste Management

Create a Successful Hygiene Day
Five tips hygienists need to know and do .

Be the Leader They Want

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