NSK Electric Micromotor Saves Practices Money and Time

In 2018 NSK America unleashed a powerful little micromotor (4.2 Ncm) that brought new technology, faster performance, a compact design and new safety checks; all this AND an unbeatable warranty.

Offices save time, money and frustration
Electric handpieces are repaired less often than air-driven handpieces, usually by about half. If you repair air-driven handpieces every six months, your electric will be repaired about once a year. This saves employees time dealing with the repairs, shipping, etc. and it save the office in repair costs.

All NSK products are covered by a Worry-Free Warranty. The NLZ Micromotor’s warranty is three years, and the premium Z95L (high speed) and Z25L (low speed) handpieces are 2½ years. No other company matches this warranty. And, it’s good for large practices.

Reduced risk of overheating
One of the possible issues with handpieces is overheating, mainly caused by deterioration of the gears and a lack of proper maintenance. When used properly, the NLZ’s patented Contra-Check Function helps detect abnormalities prior to using the handpiece. The assistant sets up the operatory, attaches the handpiece and pushes a button to find out if it is ready to go or needs to be replaced before the doctor walks into the room.  Again, this saves offices time, money and frustration.

The NLZ Electric Micromotor has two versions: one with – and one without – endo function. The NLZ E Endo motor has both rotary and reciprocating functions which allows it to work with DENTSPLY Sirona’s WaveOne® files. A large rotating angle in the cutting direction provides high efficiency, whereas a smaller angle in the reverse direction allows the WaveOne® file to safely progress along the canal path, while reducing the risk of a screwing effect and file breakage. This means greater safety and efficiency for endo procedures.

The innovative NLZ Electric Micromotor will win the heart of any practitioner looking for more power to rip through the tough restoration materials found in today’s dental market. Now cutting through zirconia and emax crowns can be done quickly and efficiently to the delight of patients and dentists alike, reducing chair time and the doctor’s arm fatigue.

NSK America’s new NLZ can help any user of air driven handpieces convert to electric and enjoy the full benefits of this smart system. A big change in the treatment environment is brought with only a minor addition to the current equipment in your office.

Editor’s Note: Sponsored by NSK America.