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Crosstex Liquid Ultra™ Solution, an EPA-registered dental unit waterline treatment designed to kill biofilm bacteria in dental unit waterlines, is the only such product guaranteed to:

  • Kill biofilm bacteria.
  • Remove existing biofilm from dental unit waterlines (DUWLs).
  • Prevent and suppress the formation of biofilm in DUWLs.

Crosstex Liquid Ultra Solution provides multiple treatment options for bottle-fed systems to provide the flexibility that an office may need:

  • As a weekly treatment. Think Pink Once a Week™!
  • In conjunction with a tablet protocol. Liquid Ultra Solution may be used as a shocking solution to ensure compliance with daily waterline treatment Instructions for Use (IFU). (It is important for tablet users to note that all tablet IFU require routine shocking on a periodic basis. Non-compliance with IFU required shocking protocols may result in CFU counts higher than they realize.)
  • As a shocking solution. Liquid Ultra Solution may be used to rapidly treat waterlines prior to initiating a new treatment protocol or to quickly treat dental unit waterlines with extremely high CFU counts.

For dental care providers unfamiliar with the term, shocking, it is a periodic method of rapidly treating dental unit waterlines – NOT evacuation lines – to remove bacteria and biofilm, as well as to slow the regrowth of biofilm. Following the application of the shock product, the residual product must be flushed from the dental unit waterlines prior to patient treatment.

Dentists should ask themselves the following when considering Crosstex Liquid Ultra Solution:

  • What is our practice currently using to treat our waterlines?
  • Do we want a more automated waterline treatment like the DentaPure™ Cartridge, or would we prefer a more hands-on approach?
  • For dental practices currently using tablets, how often are you shocking your waterlines? What tablets do you use? (Shocking is a requirement for tablet use.)

In highly publicized bacterial outbreaks in pediatric clinics in Georgia and California, Crosstex was called upon for guidance and remediation support. Liquid Ultra Solution, in combination with the installation of DentaPure Cartridges, was used to bring these clinics back into compliance, ensuring safe dental visits.

The dental team should refer to the Liquid Ultra Solution IFU available at for precautionary statements, disposal and troubleshooting information.

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