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Dental teams today face challenging sterilization workloads and strict regulatory requirements, making it more important than ever before to depend on a sterilizer that delivers optimal results, without sacrificing convenience.

At Tuttnauer, our single focus on sterilization and infection control enables us to offer products to help practitioners meet today’s challenging workloads and regulatory requirements. The EZPlus series fully automatic sterilizers meet the most current sterilization standards ANSI/AAMI ST55.

Both 9-inch and 11-inch models feature the dynamic air removal technology and an active closed-door HEPA filtered air-drying system to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying of packs and pouches. In addition, the door remains closed throughout the dry cycle, encouraging the staff to leave the pouches/packs in the unit until all items are completely dry. This very important feature helps ensure the safety of patients, staff and doctors.

Dentists who are considering adding the EZPlus series should ask themselves several questions:

  • How old is my sterilizer? Is it time to replace it?
  • What type of sterilizer am I comfortable using? What model am I replacing and what chamber size does it have?
  • Does my current model sterilizer meet all of the needs at my office?
  • Does my office need to change from a manual autoclave to a fully automatic system? Will doing so free up time for the staff to work more closely with patients and assist with procedures that add to the bottom line?
  • Has the volume of items to be sterilized at my office increased, decreased or remained the same? Do I need a larger, smaller or equivalent chamber size than I currently have?

Some dentists may question the best way to maintain an EZPlus autoclave:

  • Regular cleaning and maintenance of a sterilizer is critical to keep the device in good working condition.
  • Do not overload the sterilizer trays. Overloading sterilizers is the number one cause of sterilization cycle failures, including inadequate sterilization and drying.
  • When using pouches, do not overlap or stack the pouches. Place pouches on trays in a single layer or use a pouch rack.
  • Always use steam-distilled water with the physical characteristics detailed in the sterilizer manufacturer’s operator’s manual.

Tuttnauer is the only manufacturer to offer a two-year warranty on parts and labor, as well as an additional 10-year warranty on the chamber for all of its fully automatic autoclaves.

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