Beautifil Flow Plus X, a durable NEW UPDATE to the latest-generation composite restorative, indicated for both anterior and posterior teeth, allows clinicians to place direct restorations with an excellent self-leveling ability and outstanding physical properties, absolutely equivalent to those of conventional hybrid composites. Thanks to its proprietary Giomer technology, NOW containing a patented nano S-PRG filler, Beautifil Flow Plus X benefits the adjacent tooth structure for sustainable caries prevention, while encompassing the ability to polish to a high and long-lasting luster.

The trilaminar structure of the bioactive S-PRG filler particles forms a stable zone of interaction, designed to sustainably release and recharge at high concentrations. The S-PRG filler releases fluoride and other bioactive ions inhibiting plaque formation and minimizing postoperative hypersensitivity. In addition, the filler particles buffer and neutralize acids.

A complete system for all indications
Beautifil Flow Plus X is an injectable hybrid composite available in two different viscosities, F00 and F03, for restorative build-up and filling. The newly developed thin-walled needle tips facilitate application directly from the syringe, allowing clinicians to easily and smoothly dispense the right amount of material at any time for precise direct restorations.

Beautifil Flow Plus X F00 (Zero Flow) and F03 (Low Flow) both provide optimal viscosities for anterior and posterior restorations. The flowability of F00 (Zero Flow) is so low that the material does not slump during layering. This easy-to-handle composite helps clinicians accurately restore the occlusal morphology, including cusps and marginal ridges. It flows well during application and has excellent shape retention while sculpting. By comparison, the self-levelling F03 (Low Flow) paste thoroughly wets the cavity walls, making it an ideal solution for filling. It can be used to line cavity floors, fill small occlusal cavities or create cervical restorations.

Beautifil Flow Plus X features improved mechanical properties, optimal polishability and a durable luster. Simple final polishing and excellent physical properties ensure superior long-term results.

The unique design of the needle tips ensures the paste neither sticks to the needle opening nor oozes at the end of delivery. Clinicians can easily and precisely shape occlusal posterior restorations without wasting material.

A reliable, state-of-the-art restorative system, Beautifil Flow Plus X includes nine common tooth shades, plus opaque dentin, enamel, bleach and effect shades, characterized by exceptional shade stability. This assortment covers all indications of direct restorative dentistry, allowing clinicians to meet all aesthetic requirements in both multi and single-layer techniques.

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