Sept/Oct 2016

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An Eye for Innovation
DSOs ensure their members are equipped with cutting edge technology

From The Publisher
Tackling Key DSO Trends

Mike Bileca looks to the future…

Balancing Act
Your hygiene schedules are your revenue solution

How to Improve Productivity While Reducing Stress

Taking Care of Business
Dental Care Alliance supports affiliated dentists’ focus on patient care

A Lifelong Learner
Dr. Katherine Schrubbe reflects on her 40-year career in dentistry, including her role in quality assurance

Diabetes and Oral Health
Working as a team, oral healthcare professionals, diabetes educators and primary care providers and endocrinologists can deliver services that result in better healthcare for diabetic patients

The ideal choice
When beautiful, long lasting restorations are at stake, Aquasil Ultra fits the bill.

The True Cost of Dental Equipment
To get your money’s worth, look beyond the price tag.

OSAP Safest Dental VisitTM
Boot Camp

Developing Others
What you should commit to while trying to bring out the best in your team members


The Upside of Rejection

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