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Human Resources, a non-profit DSO and more

Bill Neumann
Bill Neumann

Like many of you, I attended the ADSO Summit in Las Vegas at the end of April. I was impressed with the growth in attendance on the DSO member side, as well as the addition of more industry partners.

The total attendance this year was close to 800 people, compared to 550 attendees in 2015. The summit was held at the Bellagio and as you can image, it was first class. Not only was the venue incredible, but more importantly the content was timely, relevant and thought provoking. I noticed a mix of DSOs attending this year’s Summit. There were the larger DSOs, but there were also many emerging or mid-sized groups attending. In 2017, the event moves to Florida, and there are predictions that it will hit 1,000 attendees. Refer to the ADSO’s column in this issue for a full recap of the summit.

After you’ve read the recap on the ADSO Summit, take some time to read our story, Alleviating HR Mistakes. One of the biggest challenges for both small group practices and large DSOs is human resource management. We tackle the subject with input from Great Expressions, Heartland, Aspen, and the newly formed Avitus Dental. Find out what these leading organizations do to make a great hire.

After you are finished sharpening your HR skills, put your marketing hat on and “cut through the noise” with Great Expressions. Take an adventure with Ryan Torresan and the rest of the GEDC marketing team as they chart a course of rebranding and marketing to both clinicians and patients. I have been fortunate enough to spend time with Ryan and his marketing team on several occasions and I been able to follow this marketing journey as it has evolved.

Recently, I also had the pleasure of speaking to another contributor in this issue of Efficiency, Gregory Heintschel, DDS, MBA President and CEO of My Community Dental Centers. My Community Dental Centers operates 26 practices in Michigan and is one of the few not-for-profit dental support organizations. In A Delicate Balance, Dr. Heintschel discusses the use of the Venn diagram in dentistry and how it can help dental groups to achieve excellence.
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Bill Neumann

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