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Tackling Key DSO Trends

Bill Neumann

Bill Neumann

In this issue of Efficiency in Group Practice we have something for just about everyone who works in a DSO setting.

Our cover story features some great Q & A on technology for dental support organizations and group practices. Efficiency asked the Chief Information Officer of Great Expressions and Chief Technology Officer of Benevis what they look for when evaluating technology for their many member dental practices. Some of their feedback may make you wish that you chose a career path in technology and computer science because these areas are becoming extremely important to dental groups and DSOs. Patient outcomes being tied to technology; it is not just about efficiency. Without great, consistent patient outcomes, efficiency and productivity increases mean nothing.

Investment in clinical and non-clinical technologies can also positively impact recruitment of new dental team members as well as a new patient generation tool. Read the entire article to find out how Great Expressions and Benevis determine exactly what technology is truly innovative.

In our DSO profile, we feature the fast-growing Dental Care Alliance. In 1994, Mitch Olan, CEO of DCA, joined founder Steve Matzkin, DDS, when DCA had four affiliated practices. Fast forward to today, Dental Care Alliance is supporting over 500 dentists in 240 practices along the East coast. Mitch gives our readers insight into DCA’s growth strategy, as well as their core values.

In this issue, we also introduce our readers to the newest contributor to Efficiency in Group Practice, Dr. Katherine Schrubbe, RDH, BS, M.Ed, PhD.  Dr. Schrubbe is the director of quality assurance at Dental Associates. Efficiency speaks with Dr. Schrubbe about her diverse dental background and her journey from private practice to academia, and then back to Dental Associates, which has transformed itself from a small practice to a group practice. Learn about Dr. Schrubbe in ‘A Lifelong Learner’, and look for her quality assurance and infection control column in future issues of Efficiency.

Whether you are interested in technology, growth, or quality assurance, you will find some important takeaways in those areas and many more in this issue of Efficiency.

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