July/August 2019

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Advanced technology, together with experience and a measure of sensitivity, enable pedodontists to provide the best possible care for their young patients.

Editor’s Note
Embracing Change

2019 ADSO Summit: A Huge Success with Members
Compliance, recruitment and retention, leadership and technology trends were just a few of the topics covered at this year’s Summit.

Dental Group Practice Meetings: An Overview
DSOs have year-round educational and networking opportunities

Kid-Friendly Dentistry
Treating young children requires a unique skill set

Improvements in implant technology are making them increasingly attractive to doctors and patients

All the Right Moves
For Eric Shirley, the best solutions lie beyond the obvious answers

The Dash to the 2019 Finish Line
4 steps to implementable success

The BISCO Dream Team
Best possible outcomes depend on the right mix of products

Engineering and Work Practice Controls
Key elements of Bloodborne Pathogens Standard are often overlooked

Safe Water, Safe Patients
Growing attention to the hazards of contaminated dental unit water has led more and more dental clinicians to take the necessary steps to protect their patients.

Instructions for Use: They’re Meant to be Read!
Assumption of knowledge is a dangerous thing

Your DSO Accelerator
How to maximize the tremendous value your hygiene team brings to the group practice