8 Reasons to Stop Waiting and Start Offering a Dental Membership Plan at your Practice

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By Kleer and Membersy

Implementing a dental membership plan can be a win-win solution for both dental practices and patients, promoting better oral health outcomes while also benefiting the practice financially and operationally. 

As the only all-in-one membership plan solution, here are just 8 of the reasons why you should get started with a Kleer and Membersy powered dental membership plan at your practice:

  1. Enhanced Patient Loyalty: A membership plan encourages patients to remain loyal to your practice by offering exclusive benefits and discounts. Leveraging a Kleer and Membersy powered membership plan gets uninsured patients back through the door and continues to come back. By providing a coverage option that is customized and simple for your patients, you are allowing them to receive the care that they want, leading to increased loyalty.
  2. Recurring Revenue Stream: Membership plans involve recurring monthly or yearly fees, providing a predictable revenue stream for your practice. On average, uninsured patients produce $376 per year and Kleer patients produce $1,022 per year – giving you back control of your revenue. 
  3. Access to Care: For patients without dental insurance, a membership plan provides an affordable way to access regular dental care. From retirees who have lost benefits to patients working in industries that don’t provide insurance — and everyone else in between — subscription dentistry helps all patients and their families access the care they need leading to better oral health outcomes and fewer emergency visits.
  4. Preventive Care Focus: Membership plans often emphasize preventive care by including regular cleanings, exams, and discounts on additional treatments. This proactive approach can help prevent patient dental concerns before they become more serious and costly to treat. 
  5. Reduced Administrative Burden: Unlike traditional insurance plans, membership plans typically involve less administrative work for dental practices. This can streamline your billing processes and reduce overhead costs associated with insurance claim processing. With a Kleer and Membersy plan, you can automate enrollment, renewals, payment processing, payment posting to PMS, and more.
  6. Acquire New Patients: Offering a dental membership plan can be a compelling selling point for attracting new patients to your practice. It provides an additional incentive for individuals to choose your practice over competitors by providing a coverage option that is transparent and affordable.
  7. Customizable Options: Dental membership plans can be tailored to meet the specific needs of your patient population and practice. You can offer different plan tiers with varying levels of coverage and pricing to accommodate different budgets and preferences.
  8. Marketing Opportunity: Promoting your dental membership plan can serve as an effective marketing tool for your practice. It allows you to showcase the value you provide to patients and differentiate yourself from other dental providers in your area. Kleer and Membersy provides our practices with a marketing library so you can successfully promote your plan in-office, on your website, social media, email, and more. Also when you connect Kleer to your PMS we’ll automatically identify and market to your uninsured and dormant patients who are a perfect fit for your plan — helping to bring them in more often, while driving more practice revenue.

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