A Systems Mindset is Key to Successful and Sustainable Growth

DEO’s 10 Critical Systems Every Dental Group Should Implement can help you ensure you have the right systems in place.

By Laura Bowles, DEO

How are you approaching the sometimes overwhelming challenges of your day-to-day operations?

DEO has found it incredibly important for any dental entrepreneur’s growth journey to have a “systems mindset” to be set up for long-term success.

W. Edwards Deming, an American engineer, statistician, and management consultant, said: “If you can’t describe what you are doing as a process, you don’t know what you’re doing.” But, this idea can seem daunting. DEO can help with the expertly curated resource: 10 Critical Systems Every Dental Group Should Implement.

Seeing things through a systems mindset can shift the prism of perspective for your leadership, management, and team. DEO has seen this through its connections with members, some of the country’s most successful dentist entrepreneurs, and DSO leaders. If any business needs operational systems to thrive, it’s dentistry because quality patient care and safety are on the line. 

First, a definition: What is an operational system? An operational system is any method, component, information technology (hardware and software), and/or equipment necessary for the operations and maintenance of a dental practice. They are checklists, SOPs, documented processes, documented accountability, practice management systems, etc.

For your growing dental organization, systems provide clarity to help ensure everyone involved contributes to the success of your practice.

W. Edwards Deming also said, “A bad system will beat a good person every time.” If you don’t have SOPs and systems established to handle everyday tasks and everyday issues arising, it doesn’t matter how motivated and talented your people are – they will hit roadblocks.

Prevent missteps and frustration ahead of time by creating operational systems even for processes that seem minor.

Here are just a couple of the key systems DEO recommends.

The ’Patient Experience’ From Check-In to Check Out

Patient retention and referrals are the direct goals of implementing a ’Patient Experience’ SOP. Structuring this step by step and role-playing with the team is critical. Do they understand the why behind this? Make this process crystal clear and help them understand that patients pay their salaries. If the schedule is empty, there is no work to be done.

Insurance Eligibility Verification

This costs more time than any other task in the office. Streamlining this process with properly trained staff is a must. For larger practices, outsourcing can be an appropriate solution. Weigh the pros and cons and identify the roadblocks that come from not having this task done effectively or on time. By doing this internally, does it deduct from the patient experience? If yes, this needs to be addressed immediately.

For more, check out 10 Critical Systems Every Dental Group Should Implement, curated by DEO’s dental experts from working with the top dental entrepreneurs. There’s no fluff here – you can rely on the 10 systems within are “musts”. 

Having the right systems in place will help your team and associates provide best-in-class patient care, and in turn, increase your bottom line and achieve the goals necessary for your growth vision.  

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