Maximize Efficiency, Minimize Waste: Boosting Group Practice Performance with Innovative Technology

By Sean Finn, Director of DSO Sales, Ivoclar

In the innovative and fast pace environment of the group practice market, one thing remains consistent, selecting the right materials and tools are essential for both clinical success and the group’s financial and operational health. Ivoclar’s Adhese Universal VivaPen offers precision and versatility with its innovative design. This tool streamlines the bonding process, reduces waste, and improves efficiency. Its strong bond strength, unique delivery system, and adaptability make it an indispensable tool for dental practices prioritizing clinical excellence and operational effectiveness.

Financial Implications: Cost-Effectiveness and ROI

Dental adhesives can be one of the most costly materials in dental practices, and the waste associated with traditional bottle and unit-dose delivery forms is frequently overlooked.  By switching to the VivaPen, group practices can achieve significant savings, due to its dramatic reduction in waste.  This decrease in material waste, along with efficiency improvements in clinical procedures, leads to a lower cost per procedure, making the adoption of the VivaPen a strategic choice, both clinically and financially.

In the broader context of procurement management, these cost savings can be substantial, potentially in the tens of thousands of dollars annually, contributing to a more profitable operation.  In addition, the consistency in clinical outcomes can enhance patient satisfaction, leading to increased patient trust and retention – key drivers of financial success in the competitive dental market.

The Clinical Edge: Enhancing Treatment Outcomes

The consistency and effectiveness of dental treatments are crucial in the group practice setting.  The Adhese Universal VivaPen, offers a versatile solution applicable to a wide range of bonding procedures. Its formulation is designed to provide strong, reliable adhesion with minimal technique sensitivity, making it suitable for both direct and indirect restorations.

The ergonomic design ensures precise and controlled application of the adhesive material, reducing the risk of overuse or waste. This accuracy plays a key role in maintaining consistent clinical outcomes, ensuring top-quality care for every patient.

Operational Efficiency: Streamlining Procedures

The VivaPen’s design is not just beneficial for clinical outcomes but also for the operational efficiency of a practice. Its ease of use allows dental professionals to perform bonding procedures quickly and effectively, reducing chair time per patient.  Additionaly, when used at a light intensity of 3000 mW/cm2 as provided by Bluephase PowerCure, the curing light process is reduced to only 3 seconds, further boosting efficiency.1 

The VivaPen’s innovative delivery system also drastically reduces waste. Unlike traditional adhesive systems that often lead to over-dispensing, the VivaPen’s precise “click” mechanism dispenses the exact amount of adhesive needed without pre-mixing in a well, ensuring optimal use of every drop. This not only minimizes waste but also translates into significant cost savings, yielding up to four times more single tooth applications per milliliter compared to conventional bottles.

A Strategic Asset for DSOs

The VivaPen from Ivoclar is more than a dental adhesive; it’s a strategic asset for group practices. Its clinical, operational, and financial benefits align seamlessly with the objectives of efficiency, quality care, and profitability that define successful groups. Integrating the VivaPen can lead to measurable improvements in various aspects of the organization’s operation, making it an obvious choice for those evaluating ways they can maximize efficiency, while providing high quality patient care.

Leading the way together 

Having over 100 years of experience in the dental industry makes Ivoclar an ideal strategic partner for your DSO. More than products, Ivoclar offers full-circle support, including education, marketing, after-sales service, support, and more.  Our team of experts are available to support your group, no matter where in the world you are located. Together, we will work to deliver best-in-class, best-in-service treatments to your patients, now and into the future.

  1. Except, in cases, where sufficient exposure to curing light cannot be ensured (e.g. adheseive cementation of endodontic posts) ↩︎