Why DSOs Are Adopting All-in-One Practice Management Software

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We work in a great industry, don’t we? Our business actually makes a difference in peoples’ lives, it employs nearly 1.5 million dental professionals according to the most recent IBISWorld Analysis, and regularly introduces us to innovative technologies that improve clinical and operational procedures. 

The business of dentistry is ever-evolving as is practice management software, and technological advancements are making a significant difference for DSOs and multi-location practices.

The Benefits of an All-in-One Cloud-Based Platform

An all-in-one solution like Curve SuperHero™ provides everything your business needs on a single platform which eliminates costly 3rd-party software and data-syncing issues. The all-in-one solution makes it easy to manage scheduling, billing, patient engagement, imaging, charting, reporting, treatment planning, anywhere, anytime. Curve expands your hiring pool because any team member can use Curve regardless of their practice management experience or proximity to the office.

Curve SuperHero’s cloud platform makes it easy to share data across all locations, including a single patient record, single provider record, insurance carrier list, fee schedules, coverage tables, procedure codes, and clinical note templates. Team members can easily access business and financial metrics for your entire practice or individual sites.

Curve SuperHero’s all-in-one solution also offers seemingly smaller benefits that result in significant time-savings. A single software experience in which each tab has the same interface versus multiple softwares with multiple interfaces makes it significantly easier to move from one task to another. Curve’s Sidekick feature remains on the staffer’s device’s screen no matter which part of the patient’s chart they are in to enable quick and easy navigation throughout the patient’s appointment flow. Fewer clicks mean greater efficiency and more production.

AI Integration Saves Time and Increases Revenue

Curve’s commitment to bringing the newest technology to our customer base features integrations with BOLA AI and Pearl’s AI Second Opinion. Both fit neatly into the formula of business growth; Patient Flow x Diagnosed Treatment x Treatment Acceptance

BOLA AI keeps patient flow moving because it frees up staff by eliminating duplicate efforts. Providers dictate their perio exam directly into Curve which eliminates the need for extra “hands” to enter or recall patient health data during exams.

Pearl AI’s Second Opinion offers providers real-time x-ray analysis that ensures clinical excellence, and builds patient trust by instantly returning reliable AI results while

patients are in the chair. AI also helps younger associates with less experience make more accurate diagnosis which increases their confidence and their production. 

Customer Support as a Priority

Practice management software is only as good as the support that stands behind it. 25-30 minutes on-hold is all too common unless your software provider make support a priority.  Curve SuperHero is Software as a Service, which means delivering white glove service. That starts with 24/7/365 world-class customer care, answering support calls in 1 minute and resolving cases in 8 minutes, on average.

Experts in Change Management

“Change is hard,” is a well-used saying and an understandable barrier to moving from one software platform to another. However, our expertise in change management and training expedites data conversion, implementation, and adoption. We don’t make changing software easy, because it never is, but we make it as easy as possible. As your business grows, our to–rated support team will help to fully integrate new locations and get them up-and-running quickly in the cloud. Once you transition to Curve you’ll start to see immediately how our modern, cloud-based platform will make a significant difference in the growth of your business. Click here to schedule a demo and learn why more than 50,000 dental professionals put their trust in Curve.