5 Key Factors to Build a Profitable & Scalable Membership Plan for Your DSO

Presented By: Carson Scott

Join Carson Scott, Group Account Manager at Kleer, for our live webinar titled: 5 Key Factors to Build a Profitable & Scalable Membership Plan for Your DSO.

Dental membership plans make necessary preventive and treatment services accessible to uninsured patients and add a recurring revenue component to your practice profit model. However, a successful membership plan starts with a solid foundation — not only based on how your plan is built, priced, marketed, and managed, but also in the strength and expertise of the support that your team has behind them.

To ensure that a membership plan is sustainable and providing consistent value, this webinar will teach dental professionals and executive teams to better understand the key elements for success.

What You’ll Learn in this Free Webinar:

  • Lessons to ensure your membership plan is not a discount plan
  • Steps to create a scalable solution for your group — regardless of size
  • The role of intelligent automation to produce reliable and predictable monthly income and improve core KPIs (i.e., visits, treatment, production)
  • How to standardize group level metrics that measure success against established goals
  • How to ensure your team is bought in and patients across all offices receive similar experiences

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