The 5-Minute Organizational Makeover

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How utilizing the color method can lead to increased production.

Five steps. Believe it or not, that’s all you need to start making impactful changes that can optimize workflow and improve efficiencies within your dental group practice.

Indeed, by using Zirc’s Color Method, dental offices across the country are creating more streamlined, stress-free, day-to-day routines from setup to sterilization. Implementing this simple system adds a visual element to both instrument and material management, yielding a workflow properly optimized for efficiency. When instruments and materials move efficiently, so do you.

The following five steps can transform your group practice into an organizational masterpiece.

No. 1: Get Colorful 

How many times have you tried to set up for a patient and asked a team member to grab the bonding agent, in the tray, on the left side of the cabinet, on the middle shelf—and they bring you the wrong item? Color eliminates the confusion because now you can simply tell a team member to just go grab the yellow composite tray and tub. 

No. 2: Instrument Management 

What makes our Color Method even more valuable is that we make color-coded cassettes for all your setups and procedures in advance. Now you can ditch those expensive and clunky stainless-steel cassettes for color-coded resin cassettes that match your tubs and trays. 

No. 3: Material Management 

Zirc’s tubs are designed and built specifically for all the products you use every day. The tubs are fully customizable, fully color-coded, and fully organized. 

Step No. 4: Central Sterilization 

A centrally located sterilization center is the ideal place for you to store your trays and tubs setups. This allows for easy access, perfect organization and efficiency. Restocking of materials is now a breeze. 

No. 5: Treatment Room

This is where the rubber meets the road. When everything is prepared in advance and the countertops of your op are clean and organized, the treatment room is less cluttered, allowing you to focus all your attention on your patients. 

Running a dental practice comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do you care for the oral health of your patients, but you also juggle the complexities of operating a successful practice. Zirc’s Color Method is an organizational system that streamlines the process of managing dental instruments and materials by grouping all items needed for any given dental procedure in color-coordinated trays and procedure tubs. Give your team the peace of mind that they will have everything they need with this grab and go system. Every team can benefit from implementing a proven organizational system. Be open to innovation and change and watch your team go from surviving to thriving.

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