SupportDDS Welcomes Vice President of Marketing, Christy Carroll

ZimWorx/SupportDDS is pleased to announce the appointment of Christy Carroll as its new Vice President of Marketing. With an impressive 15-year career in marketing, including 13 years dedicated to the dental industry, Christy brings a wealth of experience and leadership to her new role.

Throughout her career, Christy has consistently demonstrated her ability to revitalize corporate strategies and drive increased business capture and revenue. Her dynamic approach to growth is rooted in her skillful utilization of technology and streamlined processes, often leveraging automation to amplify productivity.

Beyond her professional achievements, Christy is a passionate advocate for community service. She actively contributes to her church and military communities, embodying a commitment to positively impacting beyond the corporate setting. In her personal life, Christy has been happily married for the past 11 years and is a proud mother of three beautiful daughters.

SupportDDS is excited to welcome Christy Carroll and is confident that her leadership and expertise will contribute significantly to the company’s continued growth and success. Welcome Christy!

About SupportDDS

SupportDDS provides dental-certified, dedicated and highly educated Remote/Virtual team members using “AI Enabled Hybrid Teams” to leverage automated technology solutions. With a focus on “A Commitment to Excellence while making a Global Impact for the Kingdom,” the company has established itself as a leader in the industry, serving clients across North America and the UK.

They are a Christian-based organization dedicated to providing employment to the people of Africa and Central America while donating 51% of their profits to ministries around the globe.