Dr. Nikki Green’s Diverse Dentistry Career Paves the Way for VP of Partner Integration at SupportDDS

SupportDDS is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Nikki Green as the Vice President of Partner Integration. With an impressive 21-year career in dentistry, Dr. Green brings a wealth of experience and a unique perspective to this role.

Throughout her career, Dr. Green has showcased her versatility and success in various dental roles. She began as an Associate Dentist in a large group practice, mastering her skills and developing a deep understanding of the industry. From there, she took on the challenge of becoming an owner and sole provider, establishing her thriving group practice with multiple associates. Remarkably, she accomplished this while simultaneously supporting her husband in building his own large group practice, despite the 120-mile distance between them.

Two and a half years ago, Dr. Green decided to sell her Fort Worth practice to Independence DSO, which proved to be a fruitful partnership in the rapidly growing dental market. Her entrepreneurial journey has made her well-versed in the intricacies of being a Dentist, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Business Seller, and now a Dentist partner in a large DSO.

Notably, Dr. Green has been at the forefront of leveraging remote employees to maximize professional and personal results. Throughout her business growth, she successfully utilized SupportDDS’s remote dental support services, which provided her with a unique perspective on how Dentists and Entrepreneurs can harness the power of remote talent to achieve their goals.

Despite her extensive responsibilities, Dr. Green remains an active practicing dentist, efficiently managing her Fort Worth office while assisting her husband in building and operating his dental business in Abilene, TX. Her dedication and experience have positioned her perfectly to embrace the opportunity of joining SupportDDS as the VP of Partner Integration.

In her new role, Dr. Green’s primary objective is to help Dentists and Dental Business Professionals unlock their full potential by capitalizing on the exceptional talent available through SupportDDS. With her firsthand experience and deep understanding of the benefits of maximum integration with SupportDDS, she is determined to create a WIN-WIN-WIN for all.