Choosing Scalable Technology to Increase Appointments and Maximize the Value of Your Uninsured Patients

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According to NexHealth’s 2023 State of Dental survey, increasing appointments ranks higher in priorities than acquiring new patients for practices looking to grow. The tools in your DSO’s tech stack are key — not only to this initiative — but ensuring that your practice remains competitive, efficient, and profitable.

It’s time to rev up your practice growth engine and shift into high gear — and no it doesn’t require adding more work for your team. Leveraging a dental membership platform is one of the easiest ways to maximize the value of your existing patients, while improving core metrics at both the practice and enterprise level. 

Innovative patient coverage will strengthen visits, case acceptance, and revenue growth

Often the roadblock between patients and scheduling appointments is the need for access to quality dental coverage. Sometimes patients’ life circumstances change — layoffs, marriage, kids — so showing them you’re willing and able to care for them at every stage, regardless of their coverage status, is crucial in solidifying patient loyalty and encouraging them to return for care.

Membership plans help eliminate the cost barrier to care for patients. Creating an in-house plan that bundles preventative care and is offered to patients at a transparent, affordable cost — plus offers savings on additional treatments as needed — means that you’re creating the opportunity for patients to access high quality care.

Membership plan patients are more loyal, compliant, and profitable. Because your practices are developing a direct patient relationship and routine care is included, membership patients consistently book — and keep — their hygiene appointments and are less likely to cancel over fear of cost. When compared to uninsured patients, membership plan patients:

  • Complete 2-3X more hygiene reappointments than uninsured patients.
  • Naturally accept more treatment (75% of dental treatment comes directly from hygiene).
  • Generate nearly 3X more production and revenue than uncovered patients.

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Quick speed of collections on membership plan patients is unparalleled. Membership plan patients pay for their subscription upfront and for additional care at the time of treatment. This ensures there are no accounts receivable or past due balances to delay your practice’s from getting paid.

Add a recurring revenue component to your practice profit model. Monthly or annual membership plan fees consistently paid by patients creates a reliable, recurring revenue stream for your DSO.

Considerations when choosing a scalable platform

Just as your patients should not have to struggle to access coverage that’s transparent and affordable, your team should not struggle to implement and manage a membership plan alone. Dental teams are already stretched thin, so in order to be successful, your group should consider leaning on easy-to-use technology that can grow with your patient base. 

Some important considerations to keep in mind include having the ability to:

  • Easily manage your membership plan and add new locations as you grow
  • Automate key operational processes like payment processing, deposits, and renewals.
  • Simplify the payment process down to an easy monthly or annual recurring charge
  • Track payments, plan usage, and membership plan ROI with analytics and reporting features
  • Provide secure access for both the provider and patient
  • Integrate seamlessly with other tools in your practice’s tech stack 

Lastly, it’s important to partner with a vendor that is also passionate about your success and provides comprehensive customer support for both your offices and your patients. Ask about their customer service offerings and make sure they have a reliable system in place for answering queries and managing claims quickly and efficiently.

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The all-in-one membership plan solution

Kleer combines an advanced, cloud-based platform with dedicated and personalized support to guarantee practices have everything they need to easily and quickly design, implement, and professionally manage a successful membership plan. Over 300+ group and DSO practices trust Kleer’s best-in-class software and services to increase patient access to care and ensure practice profitability.

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