Leading a High-Performing DSO

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Making the Right Technology Investment for Your Team and Your Patients. 

By Planet DDS

As a dental service organization (DSO), your success hinges on your ability to efficiently manage your practices as well as ensure high-quality care for your patients. To be able to achieve both while scaling your organization, you need the right infrastructure in place. In this article, we’ll cover the benefits of using a cloud-based practice management solution and the keys to lead a smooth transition to the cloud. 

Benefits of Cloud-Based Practice Management Solutions

1. Cost Savings: The cost for server-based systems quickly add up, especially as your DSO grows in size and complexity, exceeding the cost of cloud-based solutions. With added reliance on servers, IT staff, increased need for more hardware and software, and extra service and support, there are many costs that need to be considered when comparing with a cloud-based solution. Calculate your current costs in this interactive calculator

2. Accessibility: With cloud-based solutions, you and your team can access patient records, X-rays, and other practice data from virtually anywhere with internet connection. This allows for faster collaboration and flexible work arrangements. 

3. Security: Cloud-based solutions offer enhanced security to protect patient and practice data against theft, damage, loss, and natural disasters through automated backups, firewalls, audit trails, and user-based controls. 

4. Scalability: Cloud-based solutions are designed to scale as your organization grows and evolves. 

Keys for a Smooth Transition to a Cloud-Based Practice Management Solution 

To lead a smooth transition to a cloud-based practice management solution, consider the following:

1. Vendor: Choosing the right vendor can make or break your experience so schedule product demos and ask a lot of questions. Find out how much experience they have with other DSOs like yours, ask for references, and find out about their experience implementing the solution. 

2. Change Management: As with any new software implementation, there will be a period of adjustment. Finding the right technology partner will help make the transition a smooth one so you and your team can begin reaping the full benefits of the new solution. 

3. Training:
Ensure that staff members are properly trained on how to use the solution to increase productivity and return on your investment. 

4. Communicate: Work closely with your vendor and your team to ensure your implementation process gets rolled out on time. 

By working with the right technology partner, your DSO can scale and grow while providing a better experience for staff and patients. 

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