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Disposa-Bib: Single-use patient bib holder

  • Unique dispensing provides no-tangle use
  • Made of soft silk-like fiber for luxurious feel
  • Minimizes cross contamination
  • 20 inches in length
  • Available in blue and pink

Disposa-Bib unique dispenser box provides single-holder dispensing. Twenty-inch length works with all patient body sizes. Silk-like fabric provides a rich luxurious impression for your patients.

  • 605270: Pink floral design
  • 605271: Blue floral design

DuraSyringe: 3-way air water syringe

  • Five-year limited warranty on entire syringe
  • Entire handle and head are autoclavable for patient safety
  • Bayonet quick disconnect to tubing for easy maintenance
  • Accepts all metal and single-use tips
  • Ergonomically balanced
  • Surgical stainless steel

DuraSyringe is designed to be easy to sterilize to eliminate cross contamination between patients. The syringe has a quick disconnect bayonet-style attachment to the tubing, which enables quick and easy switch between syringe bodies. Kit is available with two systems:

  • Kit 1 (B10550)
    • One syringe body
    • One bayonet connector
  • Kit 2 (B10557)
    • Three syringe body
    • One bayonet connector

Single Tooth Implant Models: Study models

  • Educate patients
  • Large dimension
  • Easy to manipulate

Single tooth models are excellent education models to assist offices to explain the entire implant procedure. Made with a clear Lucite block to demonstrate insertion into the bone structure of implant. Crown separates from implant to demonstrate how the crown will fit on the implant. Large size enables easier manipulation for patients to understand demonstration.

  • 355662: Implant Education Model Bicuspid
  • 355663: Implant Education Model Incisor

Hager Zoom Magnifiers: Safety glasses with magnification on entire lens

  • Reduces eye strain.
  • Soft flexible nose bridge and rubber temple tips.
  • Large lens.

Entire lens is provided with magnification to assist personnel in focusing with less eyestrain from viewing through small area. Soft, flexible nose bridge and padded temple pads reduces pressure and slippage on face. Available in three strengths of magnification for most magnification requirements:

  • 100912: Hager Zoom with 1.0 magnification
  • 100913: Hager Zoom with 1.5 magnification
  • 100914: Hager Zoom with 2.0 magnification

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