Best of DSO Secrets: Question and Answer

What Books and Resources Do You Recommend?

Editor’s note: The DSO Secrets: Dentist Entrepreneurs Growing Dental Organizations Facebook page is a place to find resources, networking opportunities, information about upcoming industry events, and a forum to ask fellow dentist entrepreneurs questions you may have about running your business. The following was a recent discussion among DSO Secrets Facebook page members.

B.J. Alexander asked:

Any good book recommendations/informative resources you recommend on starting/running a DSO?

DSO Secrets Facebook page members responded:

“A DSO secrets book will be coming out in 2021. Hoping to provide a comprehensive guide. Until then I would recommend The DEO podcast series, DSO secrets, at” – Emmet Scott

“DEO put out a list of books to read. It’s 100 or so books. That’s a ton of info for knowledge.” – Kartik Antani

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“Stan Kinder just released his book ‘Everything DSO.’ It’s on my Q1 reading list.” – Josh Cochran

Here is the link:

“There was a book published in 2015 entitled “Transforming the Cottage Industry – The Rise of Dental Support Organizations” by Quinn Dufurrena, DDS, JD. I haven’t read it yet so I can’t provide a review.” – Sina S. Amiri

“The Entrepreneur Dentist: How to Exit Your Dental Business Rich,” by Jerry Lanier, DDS, Exec, MBA  – DEO Facebook page recommendation