Part 2 of Dental Dilemmas: Industry Experts Discuss Creating a Successful Hygiene Department & Emerging Technologies

Presented by: Henry Schein One

Join us for part 2 of our Dental Dilemmas series to listen in on dilemmas submitted by real dental group owners and team members to hear what advice two tenured DSO leaders would give. Join us, as we delve into the core issues troubling emerging groups today, exploring real dilemmas submitted by dental group owners and team members. In Part 2, we shift gears to implementation and strategic planning. Learn how to turn insights into action as we explore innovative approaches to empower your dental group.

What You’ll Learn in this Free Webinar:

  • Proven strategies to build a successful hygiene department that keeps patients coming back
  • The latest emerging technologies transforming dental practices
  • Expert insights on making informed decisions for your practice’s success

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