Air Techniques’ ProVecta S-Pan

Building upon Air Technique’s experience with diagnostic image quality, the ProVecta S-Pan delivers a full adult panoramic X-ray in seven seconds and offers 17 image programs, including four specifically for children, all with reduced radiation exposure. Patient comfort consideration is evident, with the accommodating height adjustment and outward facing orientation and assured positioning with three laser guides. Practitioner’s needs are also addressed with a large, menu-driven touch screen control and optional voice commands.

The S-Pan earns the moniker “Panoramic Perfection” when one reviews an image generated in seven seconds and sees the digital clarity that only S-Pan technology can deliver. The heart of the S-Pan image technology starts with the patient-specific path that the Csl sensor follows and continues as 20 layers of images are collected, sliced into 20,000 image segments, and then one amazingly sharp image is automatically constructed from the best selections. Get to know the new state-of-the-art in panoramic radiography – only from S-Pan at, or contact Air Techniques directly to arrange a demonstration.

User-friendly design:

  • 7” touch-display for intuitive operation
  • Small footprint, only 39″ x 44″ x 90″
  • TWAIN compliant imaging software

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