ACTEON’s SoproCARE intraoral camera

In today’s competitive market, with the influx of new dentists and an economy that has not yet fully recovered, it is essential for a dental practice to have the latest technology available to increase case acceptance to generate more income. The technology must be easy for the dental professional to use and provide results that can be understood by the patient. To help achieve this ACTEON has developed SoproCARE.

SoproCARE is an intraoral camera, caries detection device and prophylactic evaluator to help educate the patient on the importance of good dental hygiene and periodontal health. Utilizing patented fluorescence technology, SoproCARE illuminates dental tissue to reveal occlusal caries, plaque, tartar and gingival inflammation. The use of colors highlighting these structures makes it easy for the patient to understand. The results can be displayed on a computer or television monitor for the patient to view and can also be stored in a patient’s chart for future reference. The dental professional now has a new tool to help tell the patient the story of what is happening in their mouth. As a result, the patient has more trust in the dentist and makes them an active participant in his or her own treatment, which increases case acceptance.

SoproCARE will help increase the rate of treatment plan acceptance and revenue due to their compelling visual benefits, which is the goal of any practice. Fluorescence technology will also create a wow factor and patients will tell their friends and family, leading to referrals to your practice at the expense of others who fail to connect with patients on this level.

SoproCARE is both Windows and MAC compatible and functions in nearly all imaging software applications, allowing images to be easily saved in the patient’s chart. SoproCARE is compatible with current and previous SOPRO docking stations, allowing for an easy upgrade to the new technology.

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