A-dec’s Performer

Known for attention to detail and unwavering quality, A-dec Performer® meets the unique needs of large group practices.

As the number of large dental group practices (dental service organizations) continues to skyrocket in the United States, so too does the need for top-line equipment that is both scalable and durable.

Early in 2014, A-dec commissioned a special project team to develop a dental equipment package tailored to meet the unique requirements of group practices. The product needed to incorporate A-dec’s proven strengths in performance, reliability and service, with the ability to scale delivery to a large number of new and existing offices – at extremely competitive pricing terms.

The resulting effort culminated in the creation of a chair, delivery system and light package appropriately named “Performer for Special Markets.” The system leverages the bullet-proof reliability of the original all-hydraulic Performer III chair, but now features a new 5-position control head capable of seamless integration of clinical handpieces, a choice of a halogen light or A-dec’s industry-leading LED operatory light, a sleek chairside monitor mount, and the ability to mount a swiveling, vitreous china cuspidor bowl. Additionally, this package offers on-the-fly left-right conversion, a new white-gray color scheme, the option for an attractive single piece utility cover, and last but not least, extended warranty terms.

Born and manufactured in A-dec’s Newberg, Ore., USA facility, the Performer for Special Markets seamlessly integrates high-speed handpieces, electric handpieces, scalers, cameras and curing lights. This integration allows each practitioner better tools to deliver a high standard of care and maintain a higher level of case acceptance and productivity at a level typically not found in group practice settings. The competitively priced chair is A-dec-designed to hold up to years of shared use by an entire team of dentists, hygienists and assistants, while yielding excellent productivity and return on the assets of a group practice.

This product is only available to qualified dental service organizations. To learn more, contact your local A-dec dealer, or request a list of authorized dealers at (800) 547-1883.

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