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At Patterson Special Markets, we’ve built partnerships with some of the most innovative companies in dentistry, from equipment manufacturers to technology developers. Because so many conversations among dental team members today are about digital dentistry, our partnership with Sirona is a great one to highlight. Nearly 30 years ago, Sirona developed the CEREC® CAD/CAM digital impressioning system, and today more than 15,000 units have been placed nationwide; by far, the most of any available system.

Patterson is the exclusive distributor of CEREC and has the most experience in training and supporting the thousands of practitioners who use CEREC every day. Patterson is also the only distributor to successfully integrate CAD/CAM throughout an entire dental service organization (DSO), and we’re very proud of that.

CEREC has changed dentistry as we know it. CEREC allows practices to reach new heights in efficiency, which result in financial savings for the DSO. And patients are receiving amazing treatments, in most cases in just a single visit, and are healthier and happier thanks to CEREC.

There are two CEREC solutions designed to meet the unique needs of each DSO:

  • CEREC Omnicam with MC X chairside milling. This option is chairside dentistry at its best. The doctor and assistant work in tandem to take digital impressions and then mill restorations, all within the dental practice. The result is one-visit dentistry for patients.
  • CEREC Omnicam Connect is for taking digital impressions in the office. The image is then sent to the lab for creation. A patient returns to receive their restoration, but still in less time than it takes to create a restoration using traditional impressions.

As digital impressioning has taken on a more prevalent role in dentistry, we encourage anyone interested to look not only at the technology but also to think about what happens after an investment like this is made. CEREC will continue to lead the industry because of Sirona’s commitment to innovation and because of Patterson’s commitment to our customers’ success. No other distributor comes close to our combined offerings of world-class technology, integration throughout the entire dental service organization, complete training, and lifetime service and support.

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