A Scalable Clear Aligner Solution You Can Be Confident In

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Patients across the country are looking for solutions that offer them straighter, healthier smiles, but treating clear aligner cases at scale can present a real challenge to DSOs. Thanks to our all-inclusive CandidMonitoring™ platform, Candid is here to help your organization treat every patient with confidence by alleviating the three biggest pain points DSOs face. Our staff will work with you to streamline your clear aligner workflows, support you with treatment planning overseen by U.S.-licensed orthodontists, and give you the oversight you need.

Streamlined Treatment Planning

Our US-licensed orthodontic network helps standardize, centralize, and streamline treatment planning for all your clear aligner cases, regardless of variations in prior certifications and training. This service delivers a continuity of care in communications with patients who may see multiple providers.

Hardware Agnostic

The Candid technology platform offers universal acceptance of .STL files from any digital scanner capable of exporting them.  Additionally, Candid is able to accept PVS impressions if no scanner is available.

Improved Clinical Oversight

CandidMonitoring provides improved clinical oversight through remote progress checks every 14 days, ensuring aligner tracking and hygiene compliance are optimized. This also offers patients the convenience they want and saves valuable doctor and chair time.

If you’re ready to take your DSO to the next level, Candid is the clear aligner solution that can help you get there. You’ll find more information about becoming a CandidPro Provider, treating with Candid and the CandidMonitoring platform at the link below—including a detailed case walkthrough, courtesy of Dr. Ben Miraglia. And when you’re ready to bring the future of clear aligners to your DSO, Candid’s Account Specialists can get you up and running in as little as two weeks. Discover a smarter solution for clear aligners at scale by becoming a CandidPro Provider [HERE]