How Improving Access to Care Helps Maximize Practice Performance and Profitability

How your patients’ access care is the foundation of practice performance — and is fundamental to how you get paid.

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Unfortunately, patients don’t always seek the care they need. Why? Oftentimes insurance provides overly complicated terms to patients that are difficult to understand, and patients without coverage feel exposed without an advocate to help them decipher the cost of care. Between the unfamiliarity and increased financial burden, it’s no surprise why patients delay their dental visits. However, you can address these concerns by providing a simple, transparent, affordable membership plan. 

A membership plan will naturally bring patients closer to your DSO. Like the “membership club effect” created by popular subscriptions like Netflix and Amazon Prime, the benefits make patients more committed to their oral care, more emotionally connected to your team, and more trusting of your advice. As a result, patients are more loyal to your DSO, visit more often, and accept more treatment.

Kleer has emerged as a leading innovator in the space, providing a membership platform that has helped a network of over 300 groups and DSO practices maximize access to care and improve practice performance without increasing the administrative workload. 

Through Kleer’s better coverage option, practices like Washington Dental Group, a part of BTY Dental, incentivized more patients to maintain routine preventative care visits and helped them afford additional treatment. Not to mention their offices were able to automate a considerable amount of plan management and create greater efficiency across their group.  

Getting patients to say “Yes” to treatment is just a matter of providing coverage that patients can afford and trust. Within 13 months of launching their Kleer membership, Washington Dental Group enrolled 514 members across their five practices, and to date, they have generated over $370,000 in additional revenue. 

“All the small details that Kleer includes for customers has made our lives so much easier and ultimately helped us, onboard patients, faster. For our needs and goals, Kleer was incredibly effective,” said Regional Office Manager Chelsea Nuevo. You can read more about Chelsea and Washington Dental Group here. 

Kleer combines a sophisticated, cloud-based platform with dedicated and personalized support to ensure your group or DSO has everything you need to easily build, deploy, and professionally manage a successful membership plan across locations.

From happier, healthier mouths to a better, more profitable practice, improving access to care means better outcomes for everyone. Learn more by requesting a free consultation with one of our experts today.