A New Level of Scale

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How dental analytics can help dental group practices take the next step in organizational growth.

With a background in health care information technology, Henry Schein One Chief Executive Officer Mike Baird has seen firsthand how analytics can improve patient care, outcomes and efficiencies.  

“Just like businesses use data to drive every aspect of their efficiency and performance, health care is also moving toward an outcomes-based performance view.”

In the dental world, that means group practices now have the ability to consolidate all data to compare things like treatment and practice performance. “That’s a very exciting place for us to be right now,” Baird said. “Part of why we’re so excited about dental analytics is it not only helps group practices be more efficient, it ultimately helps patients get quality care.”

But what’s the best way to go about obtaining this data? There’s been a continual debate among group practices – buy vs. build. Should they go the old route of ad hoc and build their own platform? Or, should they partner with a technology provider for the capabilities?

With the recent acquisition of software developer Jarvis Analytics, Henry Schein One is hoping to make the decision to partner on technology an easy one.

Dental practices have tremendous amounts of data stored in practice management systems, such as Henry Schein’s market-leading Dentrix®, Dentrix Ascend®, and Dentrix® Enterprise, as well as systems for patient relationship management, finance, marketing, and more. Unfortunately, many dental practices do not yet consolidate and analyze this disparate data. Jarvis simplifies the collection of data from multiple sources and organizes it so the information can be presented in real-time reports, dashboards, and other methods. Jarvis’ analytics tools can also help identify the impact positive changes may have on projected revenue, including hygiene recall, patient retention, case acceptance, and collection.

“Data mining is the new vehicle for accelerating dental business growth. Dental practices that know how to use dental analytics to analyze their data can see what has happened, what is happening, and make informed decisions about the changes they should make to improve performance,” said Baird. “The addition of Jarvis Analytics means dental teams will benefit by having a trusted partner with the size and expertise of Henry Schein One to enhance and support their dental analytics solutions. With these insights, practices owners and dental management teams can make better decisions to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and maintain clinical excellence.

Dental analytics can provide group practices a big picture view of what’s happening. It lets them transform data in real-time from a myriad of sources to monitor the health of their locations and organization as a whole. “For DSOs in particular, real-time analytics are key to comparing single practices with others in their network or state,” Baird said. “It brings a level of scale to reporting that many practices haven’t seen before.” 

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