What Your Text Messages Can Teach You About Your Dental Patients

How to use Weave’s message analytics to understand what resonates best with your dental patients.


Between keeping patients healthy, keeping staff happy, and running their businesses smoothly, it’s safe to say dentists have a lot to keep track of. With all that responsibility, it’s easy to let patient communication take a backseat. But staying in touch with your patients is essential for building relationships and keeping them coming back to your practice.

That’s where tools like Weave’s Message Analytics come in: It’s a powerful way for dentists to track their patient communication and make sure they’re always on the ball. Message Analytics lets dentists see how often they’re sending messages to their patients, what time of day they’re getting the most responses, and the types of messages being sent by the office. They can even see how their messaging compares to other dentists to identify areas of improvement.

This information can help dentists make sure they’re communicating with their patients in a way that helps them connect with patients and generate results. If a dentist sees that their patients are more likely to respond to messages about upcoming appointments on a certain day of the week, they can schedule reminders to always go out that day.

In addition, Weave’s Phone Analytics platform has been upgraded to provide businesses with an even more user-friendly way to track their phone interactions with customers. The new feature provides businesses with advanced filtering options, enabling them to get deeper insights into their customer data based on location and time. The platform also offers a robust data visualization tool, making it easier for businesses to analyze phone interactions and identify trends.

“By providing our customers with tools to analyze their customer communication data, we are setting them up to succeed,” said Branden Neish, Chief Product & Technology Officer at Weave. “With Message Analytics and updates to Phone Analytics, our customers now have access to actionable, easy-to-understand data that directly affects their bottom line. Weave is committed to providing practices with tools to manage all their communications channels in one place, and these new features will further enable businesses to optimize and better understand their customer interactions.”

Weave’s analytics tools can provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your patient communication, helping you improve your marketing campaigns, create better patient experiences, and grow your business.

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