Increase Access to Complete Care

Get more “Yes” with a proven fee presentation and payment solution.


In today’s dynamic dental market, managing a practice requires a multifaceted approach to address patient needs, comfort, and economic constraints. Treatment acceptance in most dental practices is only 35% or less, primarily due to financial barriers. To overcome this, it’s crucial to identify and eliminate unnecessary barriers and adopt inventive methods to enhance how patient’s accept treatment. Here are 5 actionable strategies, leveraging AcceptCare, a cutting-edge fee presentation and payment solution designed to enhance the patient experience and transform dental practice operations.

Step 1: Streamlined Fee Discussions

Traditional financial conversations often solely focus on treatment cost, deterring patients. The key to success lies in eliminating uncomfortable fee discussions. A digital fee presentation and payment solution can play a pivotal role. By presenting all available payment options in a unified and user-friendly manner, practices can facilitate clearer fee discussions and guide patients towards affordability.  

Step 2: Open-Choice Payment Options

Step two to maximizing case acceptance is to present every option available, including pay-in-full, monthly short term plans, and financing from a single device, then giving your patients the power to choose how they want to pay. This open-choice concept is proven to get more ‘YES!’ and increase comprehensive treatment acceptance.

Step 3: Simplified Financing

Navigating patient financing options can be frustrating. The solution is simple: one application links to multiple lenders, offering guaranteed loan offers regardless of credit. If a third-party lender doesn’t cover the full treatment cost, Compassionate Finance, a leading in-house financing company, steps in to provide full or partial offers for complete care approval. AcceptCare’s proven platform extends beyond traditional lenders, increasing patients’ chances of accepting care. 

Step 4: Automated Reminders

Establishing an automated system for reminding patients about pending treatment plans or loan applications is crucial to your case acceptance strategy. AcceptCare sends custom reminders via text and email, prompting patients to review, accept, and pay for their treatment plans conveniently from the comfort of their homes. This automated follow-up is proven to work, with over 32% of patients accepting treatment 0-7 days post consult. 

Step 5: Accurate Case Acceptance Analysis

To improve case acceptance, it is essential to have a clear understanding of where your practice stands. Many practices struggle with tracking acceptance rates effectively. Utilizing technology that syncs with practice management software enables accurate measurement of case acceptance metrics. Advanced reporting and analytics tools offer insights that guide targeted strategies for improvement.

Incorporating these methods amplifies case acceptance rates, elevates patient satisfaction, and fosters the holistic health of your practice and your patients. Visit today to embark on a journey towards maximizing treatment acceptance and practice success.