Using AI to Increase Case Acceptance and Generate Revenue


Artificial intelligence is the future, and the future is here. Organizations in every industry are looking for ways to simplify processes and improve outcomes for their customers and their own bottom lines. Artificial intelligence, even in its early stages, can be a powerful tool to optimize business practices, especially in the dental industry. VideaHealth uses artificial intelligence to improve treatment acceptance and build trust with your patients. 

VideaHealth recently conducted a case study to test the efficacy of their artificial intelligence solution for the dental industry. Lumio Dental adopted VideaHealth’s artificial intelligence solution in an effort to improve clinical standards, detect gum disease sooner and build patient trust. 

Why Lumio Dental chose VideaHealth

Lumio Dental recently experienced some growth, folding in new practices to expand its brand and potential reach. Like so many others, Lumio Dental faced challenges with keeping a consistent level of care across its multi-site model. One of the significant obstacles they were struggling with was an inconsistent identification of restorative treatment candidates and major variations in the rate of periodontal procedures from location to location. 

In the past, Lumio used periodic chart audits to address issues with quality control, a manual process that was not easy to scale and had significant limitations to the workflow. Dental artificial intelligence gave the team at Lumio an opportunity to detect potential diagnoses earlier, improve diagnostic processes, and provide better patient care. They chose VideaHealth because of its commitment to the success of its customers and continuous innovation in the area of artificial intelligence. 

In 2022, VideaHealth facilitated the implementation of its artificial intelligence solution into Lumio’s five practices. To get a better understanding of how VideaHealth was impacting Lumio, VideaHealth analyzed the full Practice Management System datasets for three months after the implementation period. 

The results and impact of dental artificial intelligence

Throughout Lumio Dental’s five practices, the patients diagnosed and treated with VideaAI experienced an increase in net treatment product per patient for restorative and periodontal procedures. Case identification increased significantly over a six-month period, across all five locations – 6% for crowns, 26% for fillings, and 21% for periodontal procedures. Both dentists and hygienists found VideaAI a helpful tool to explain a diagnosis and suggest treatment options for restorative and periodontal cases. 

Dentists saw an increase in treatment acceptance because of the implementation of artificial intelligence. With the use of artificial intelligence, dentists can identify 31% more caries. Additionally, the visual ad-hoc aid for patients enhanced case acceptance rates for restorative and periodontal procedures. 

Dr. Will Argana, DMD, Fountainview Dental in Raytown said, “We have easier treatment acceptance and more confident diagnosis. Patients are really able to understand better what we are looking at when we say, ‘You have three cavities since your last visit.’ They can see it and take more accountability for maintaining their oral health.”

Overall, VideaHealth was able to impact all five Lumio Dental practices through change management, case acceptance, diagnosis rate, preventive dental care and profitability. The successful integration of VideaAI VideaHealth and the outcomes generated for Lumio Dental shows the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the dental space.