The™ 3D Printing Solution Delivers a Simple, Intuitive 3D Printing Experience 

Print crystal-clear appliances with the™ 3D Printing Solution.

By Glidewell

Glidewell has broadened its portfolio of digital solutions by partnering with LuxCreo, a leading 3D printer manufacturer, to introduce the™ 3D Printing Solution. This co-branded dental 3D printer combines the innovation of LuxCreo with the user-friendly workflow of to empower clinicians with the ability to fabricate models, nightguards, aligners, and surgical guides.

Optimized by Glidewell

The 3D Printing Solution functions as a compact, office-ready version of the same LuxCreo hardware and AI-backed software used at Glidewell to create thousands of appliances every year. About the same size as a large microwave, easily fits into any office and pairs seamlessly with other products, allowing doctors to offer more comprehensive treatment options to their patients. 

“Clinicians are looking for simplified, low-labor workflows,” said Robert Brenneise, senior vice president of sales, marketing and education at Glidewell. “That’s why we’re committed to delivering products that are user-friendly, affordably priced and backed by manufacturer-direct support. 

Streamline your workflow

With the streamlined process of the 3D Printing Solution, taking control of your restorative 3D printing has never been easier – just confirm design, load, print and finish with minimal post-processing required. With a range of resins developed and used by Glidewell, dental professionals can create a variety of appliances in a smooth, easy workflow. Additional indications, including dentures, retainers and crowns, are currently in development at Glidewell. However, is also compatible with most other popular resins available on the market. 

Print crystal-clear appliances 

The requires minimal post-processing compared to other 3D-printing technologies and can directly print clear appliances with LuxCreo Digital Polishing™. Historically, clear appliances is usually a difficult and time-consuming process. After the printing stage the device must be polished several times to achieve a see-through appearance. In contrast, the FDA-class II, 510(k) cleared direct-print clear aligner workflow of the 3D Printing Solution empowers doctors to make clear appliances direct from the printer with no manual polishing required. Thanks to the revolutionary additive technology of LuxCreo Digital Polishing, doctors can skip the time, skill, and labor that is usually required for post-processing and deliver reliable results for every patient. 

The 3D Printing Solution will be available exclusively through Glidewell in a bundle that includes the 3D printer, starter kit, and wash and cure units for $16,990. Bundle options that include the™ Scanning Solution and™ In-Office Mill are also available. To learn more about the 3D Printing Solution, visit or call 844-683-2063. For more information about LuxCreo, visit or contact Fin Watterson at [email protected] or 415-565-9304.