The Perfect Fit for DSOs

How DryShield provides a superior patient experience, allows dentists to work faster and increases the quality of care.

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In today’s marketplace, comfort is paramount for any consumer-facing situation – especially in a dental office. 

Yet traditional dentistry doesn’t typically get high marks for patient comfort. First, there are the four hands – two from the dentist, two from an assistant – to consider. Then the products – gauze sticking out of the mouth, cotton rolls stuffed in, a saliva ejector hanging off the side of the mouth, and bite blocks. It all adds up to a stuffy, time consuming, inefficient mess, one that consumers would rather avoid.

That’s why one pediatric dentist set out to create a positive experience for patients and improve procedural acceptance with the creation of DryShield, an autoclavable, all-in-one solution. With DryShield, there’s no need for cotton rolls, gauze, a rubber dam, or saliva ejector. It fits intra orally, is comfortable, and does several jobs at once. DryShield provides a comfortable experience, from the initial application of the product, throughout the procedure. And at the end, there’s no soreness or lasting feeling of the product leaving a mark. 

DryShield benefits dental group practices beyond just patient comfort:

Boost productivity

By using DryShield, clinicians can greatly work with more autonomy and reduce chair time in the process. DryShield allows the clinician to do all the retraction, isolation, and suction, freeing up assistants for other tasks. Using DryShield, dentists report anywhere from 25% to 40% of reduced chair time on nearly every procedure. DryShield allows doctors, and by extension DSOs, to see more patients every day. There’s not a lot of products that will make you work faster and increase the quality of your result. DryShield is unique in that it will do both. 

Cost effective 

DryShield is the only isolation product on the market that has both autoclavable and single use mouthpiece options. It’s the most cost effective – and most durable – on the market. A dentist doesn’t want to have to spend $5,000 on an isolation product and be on the hook for disposable mouthpieces that can cost upwards of $1,000 a month. DryShield would be an 80% reduction in costs if they’re utilizing the autoclavable. 

Protect patients and staff

DryShield’s design prevents aspiration. It protects the throat and soft tissue, retracts the cheek, and by way of reducing chair time, makes appointments shorter, so that there’s less of an opportunity for anything negative to happen. In a survey of dentists, 87% noted that DryShield played an important role in helping manage aerosols, which is essential in reducing airborne pathogens.

Comfort, efficiency, cost savings, and safety – DryShield leads to higher quality dentistry in more ways than one. You can produce a more predictable result, and maximize production with less appointments to finish procedures. Now clinicians can focus on what they’re good at, and that’s restoring tooth functionality.

And as part of the Solmetex continuum of products, your facility’s water safety is covered from start to finish. The minute water comes into the office, until it goes out, Solmetex has the Sterisil, DryShield, and Solmetex brands to meet all a DSO’s waterline needs.