The Clear Aligner Solution Your DSO Has Been Waiting For

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The demand for clear aligners is hot—and it’s only getting hotter. Patients across the country are keen on straighter, healthier smiles, but treating clear aligner cases at scale can present a real challenge to DSOs. Candid is here to help your organization by alleviating the three biggest pain points DSOs face. Candid will streamline your clear aligner workflows, support you with treatment planning overseen by U.S.-licensed orthodontists, and give you the oversight you need to treat every patient with confidence thanks to our all-inclusive CandidMonitoring™ platform.

As a CandidPro partner, you can rely on our orthodontic network to help streamline and centralize treatment planning for all your clear aligner patients. That means you can minimize the need for extensive orthodontic training and continue providing excellent finishes no matter how experienced your staff is. And, because Candid’s platform is centrally managed, you can easily provide continuity of care for patients who may see multiple providers during their treatment.

Candid also offers significant time savings for your support staff and clinical teams. With CandidApp™—the #1-rated app in teledentistry—your patients can access non-clinical support 7 days a week, 365 days a year, without taking up your team’s time. 

At the core of Candid’s benefits to DSOs is the ability to save hours of doctor time on every case. One quick office visit is all it takes to get started. After that, Candid gives you the option of shipping your patients’ aligners directly to their home address—no delivery appointment required. Then, during treatment, patients upload remote progress checks for your review via CandidMonitoring. 

CandidMonitoring brings you and your patients complete convenience with a comprehensive platform that keeps your chair open for other profitable procedures while giving you close insight into your patients’ progress. CandidMonitoring is included with every Candid case, and all your Candid patients will receive a ScanBox Pro monitoring tool with their aligner kit at no additional cost. While in treatment, your patients will share progress scans with you every 14 days with CandidApp and the ScanBox Pro. That means you get more clinical oversight than you would with in-person aligner checks while saving hours of chair time.

If you’re ready to take your DSO to the next level, CandidPro is the clear aligner solution that can help you get there. You’ll find more information about CandidPro and the CandidMonitoring platform at the link—including a detailed case walkthrough, courtesy of Dr. Ben Miraglia. And when you’re ready to bring the future of clear aligners to your DSO, Candid’s Account Specialists can get you up and running in as little as two weeks—with optional on-site implementation training to calibrate your workflow for clear aligner production. Discover a smarter solution for clear aligners at scale with CandidPro here