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David Harris
Dr. Brett Wells

EP 154: Setting Up Your Membership Plan for Success, Not Theft

How prevalent is embezzlement in the dental profession, and how can organizations combat it?

In this episode, Emmet is joined by Dr. Brett Wells, Founder of DentalHQ, and David Harris, Founder/CEO of Prosperident, to discuss how an in-house membership plan helps prevent embezzlement. Dr. Wells and David also share their 5 accounting best practices to ensure the success of your membership plan, fraud/embezzlement signs to look for, how technology can help, and more.

Brenda McNulty
Callie Ward

EP 155: Merging Technology with Remote Teams

Looking for creative ways for your group dentistry practice to overcome inflation? Brenda McNulty, Dental Group Director, SupportDDS, and Callie Ward Senior Account Executive, SupportDDS, join Emmet to discuss how technology can help mitigate the effects of inflation, including how it can help centralize and offshore workload with remote teams. Brenda and Callie define in-sourcing vs out-sourcing, dispel the misnomers, and discuss what technology can and cannot do. Other topics covered include the inflationary environment’s current state, financial implications, the great resignation, workplace culture, hiring, retention, and much more.

Dr. Ryan Hungate

EP 156: The Culture of Convenience: Why Healthcare is Last in Line

Inflation, and the culture of convenience, are coming to a crossroads in group dentistry. Emmett speaks with Dr. Hungate, orthodontist and founder of Simplifeye, to discuss how implementing technology that offers convenience to patients has gone from a nice-to-have to a must-have. Technology can help mitigate staffing shortage issues and cause less friction for consumers. Dr. Hungate and Emmet discuss patient satisfaction, technology options, innovation, the current financial landscape, and much more.