A Vision of True Growth

Why scaling group practices need a marketing partner with dental industry expertise to “level up” their lead generation efforts.

Many dental group practices grow so fast, they may not realize that they’ve moved beyond what a traditional marketing agency can provide them. Ted Kozel, Chief Revenue Officer of SMC National, said he can spot some of the underlying issues pretty quickly when hopping on a discovery call with new clients. 

For instance, when it comes to providing potential patients helpful information, does a dental group practice’s website pass the Starbucks test? “If you were to Google ‘Starbucks Near Me,’ it’s going to give you the one down the street – it’s not going to send you to starbucks.com,” said Kozel. “It’s not going to send you to one page with hundreds of cities, addresses, and phone numbers listed. Yet that’s often what you will see with dental group practice offices that have multiple locations. All they have is a paragraph, or even just an address, and a phone number saying there are additional locations. Then they wonder why these other locations aren’t doing well.”

Unfortunately, the majority of these office websites are built for a flagship location, and the amount of dedication given to other locations is one page, or one blurb. It’s usually built incorrectly by the web company because they don’t know how to deal with multiple offices or understand what the patient wants to see. 

Just like their business is growing, scaling dental group practices need a marketing partner that understands multi-location growth. “It’s like if you go to a car dealership and you’re looking for a minivan,” Kozel explains. “If that car dealership doesn’t have any minivans, they’re going to tell you that an SUV is just as good. The reality is, you need a minivan, but they’re going to try to sell you based on what they have, what the inventory is, and what the specialty is, not necessarily what you need. It’s the same with some of these marketing agencies.”

Dental group practice expertise

SMC National is laser focused on the dental group practice industry. Our process offers proven systems that measure ROI and predictable patient flow in order to streamline your group practice and help clear the noise that is preventing you from seeing true growth. We’ll be your guide through the long dark tunnel of your everyday and show you what it looks like on the other side. 

Indeed, the things that owners of multi-office locations are interested in, and the things they need to track, are different when they make the leap from working in the business to working on the business. 

For instance, most generic marketing agencies that dentists would be familiar with provide reactive data, such as one-month old stats. Yet those data sets tend to focus on things that are hard to attribute to actual growth. An agency report may report something like, “Good news, we went from 2.11 page views per session to 2.13.” While that may be a good thing, you can’t necessarily translate it to new business.

SMC National provides a multi-faceted level of marketing through lead generation, phone training, website upgrades – all pieces that ultimately end up generating more leads businesses can track. SMC National has expertise in the operations/logistics side of a dental group practice, and knows how it can affect marketing and lead generation. Essentially, SMC National can identify things that may be broken in the new patient process. “So instead of just giving reactive data from analytics, we’re giving a dental group practice real world numbers to help them hit their goal numbers, and hit their goals at a lower cost,” said Kozel. “If they want 50 new leads per month, we’ll get them 50 new leads.” 

A large part of what SMC National does to help client’s marketing campaigns be successful is professional team coaching. We give them the tools to better understand and effectively communicate with people, which goes beyond just answering phones or presenting treatment, it trickles into their personal lives – and that is growth everyone can benefit from!

SMC National pledges to provide you the clientele that you desire, so that you can live out your vision of true growth. 

If something in your business isn’t working properly, we will do everything we can to understand the root cause and prevent it slowing you down in the future. We care about your marketing and campaigns because we treat them as if they were our own, and that our futures are linked together.

Navigating the digital ecosystem

Google and the digital world have changed the way business is done. There are so many pieces involved to ultimately generating and converting a lead online. For instance, say somebody clicks on your ad and everything looks good. They then hit the back button, Google your name, and read your reviews. Then they call from that number. Was that a Google ad conversion? 

“We help to make sure that we’re generating the lead, driving it to a site that we created, and helping the dental group practice make sure that they convert,” said Kozel. “We’re helping generate more reviews, how to respond to reviews, helping with social media … all part of this greater digital ecosystem that can be hard for businesses to attribute directly where a lead comes from.”