Solutions Spotlight: COLTENE

EGP-JanFeb16-ColteneFill-Up! is a dual-cured, flowable composite with antibacterial zinc oxide that is used for bulk-fill posterior restorations. Unlike light-cured bulk fills, dual curing allows fillings of unlimited depth to be placed and cured in a single step.

Most other bulk-fill composites are light-cured only, where factors such as the best possible irradiation, high translucency and perfect wave length match are keys to curing. Fill-Up!, on the other hand, offers a dual-curing system in which light curing is used only to expedite surface curing, so that treatment may proceed. The dual curing properties of Fill-Up! enable fillings to be administered in arbitrary thickness, as well as in cases where the use of curing lights is difficult or impossible. This approach assures thorough and gentle curing, coupled with minimum shrinkage stress, which alleviates microleakage and sensitivity.

Conventional light-cured bulk-fill materials are limited in their curing depth, making it questionable whether the restoration fully cures. With the dual curing properties of Fill-Up!, thorough curing down to the bottom of any preparation is assured. Chemical curing minimizes shrinkage stress dramatically, preventing micro fractures and postoperative sensitivity. COLTENE’s bonding agent, ParaBond, works with Fill-Up! to create a perfect marginal seal comparable to one of conventional composite, ensuring a secure, long-term restorative solution.

Fill-Up! is produced in a Universal shade comparable to a VITA™ A2/A3 shade, providing excellent self-blend properties. Thanks to its aesthetic qualities, Fill-Up! restorations do not require a cover layer.
Fill-Up! is especially suitable in situations where time is a constraining factor. It is an ideal bulk-fill option for busy group practices, where time-savings, workflow efficiency and patient throughput are critical. In addition Fill-Up! is economical to acquire and use. The COLTENE bulk-fill composite does not require the purchase of costly capital instrumentation, and it is economically priced at $11 per gram MSRP (economy kit).

For the patient, reduced post-operative sensitivity assures a positive experience, which builds confidence in the quality of service offered by the group practice and increases the likelihood that the patient will return for future treatments.

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