Solutionreach Action List

An efficient front office is imperative for a successful practice. With so much to accomplish in a day, wouldn’t it be nice to have all your daily tasks automatically collected into one easy-to-use dashboard? Action List from Solutionreach is the answer.

Action List is a new tool that intuitively recognizes and consolidates all of your tasks for the day. When you access Action List, you’ll see all of your to-do items on one simple screen. This interactive dashboard allows you to complete things on your list and check them off without switching screens, eliminating the need to deal with various notifications.

Action List is integrated into the all-inclusive Solutionreach platform – the same system that brought you automated text and email-based reminders for scheduled appointments or recare notifications. The platform is a suite of easy-to-use tools that help you streamline front desk processes, decrease your overhead, and improve your patient experience.

We created Action List to complement all of the great things the Solutionreach platform can do to support your goals for your practice. ActionList allows you to do more in less time, so you can focus on what matters most – patient care.

Action List allows you to:

  • Quickly view and schedule appointment requests received from all sources (website, Facebook, emails, etc.).
  • Conveniently view today’s schedule and efficiently update or collect missing or outdated contact information.
  • Easily access and listen to voicemails left by patients in response to Solutionreach recare or reminder calls.
  • Instantly be notified about highlighted or new features included with the platform that benefit your practice…and much more!

Now, each morning, you can quickly and easily get an at-a-glance view of all the items that need attention that day. Action List makes it simple to complete each task. It’s never been easier to optimize your daily workflows so you have more time for your patients.

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