Solmetex Compliance Center

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Staying in compliance with EPA rules and regulations can be both complicated and time consuming, especially for growing dental group practices who must track recycling of collection containers and amalgam buckets filled with amalgam waste across several locations.

Solmetex is committed to helping dental group practices alleviate the guesswork around EPA compliance, thus protecting your organization from unnecessary fines, through the use of its online Compliance Center – a first-of-its-kind website that gives dental group practices real-time insights. To be compliant with the EPA Dental Rule of July 2020, most offices that place or remove amalgam must install an ISO 11143 certified Amalgam Separator and recycle its collection container when solids reach the full line or at the one year mark, whichever comes first. Also required is the use of a clearly labeled amalgam bucket to recycle any material that comes in contact with amalgam. Lastly, offices are required to use a vacuum line cleaner with a neutral pH between 6 and 8.

The Solmetex Compliance Center portal dashboard allows you to see:

  • Accounts in compliance (offices who have either installed their amalgam separator within the last 12 months or have recycled a collection container within the past 12 months)
  • Accounts with approaching deadlines (offices who recycled a collection container 11 months ago and are nearing the one-year mark)
  • Accounts that are out of compliance (offices that are overdue for a collection container change)
  • Accounts with no separator (offices who either don’t have a separator or who have yet create a Certificate of Installation within the portal)

Through the Compliance Center, dental offices have an easy process of recycling. For instance, if the dental office is recycling a collection container, a member of the team simply logs into the Compliance Center, clicks on a shipping label tab at the top of the web page, enters in the product they need recycling for, then enters the shipping code that’s on the container. The portal will then generate a UPS label, custom coded and ready to print. Once the recycler gets the container or bucket, the recycling information and certificate will automatically be available within the portal within two weeks of shipment.

Offices that are in compliance will then have instant access to their records and can log in and print their
Certificates of Recycling should they have an inspection. It’s a much easier way to keep track of the paperwork should it be needed.

Also through the portal, dental group practices can enroll in the Solmetex Compliance Program. Solmetex designed this program as a turnkey solution to ensure your practices are always in compliance. Participation in the program enables offices to set their own auto-delivery schedule of the required regulated product on a schedule and frequency of their choice.   

Indeed, with no fees, contracts, or hidden costs, the Solmetex Compliance Center and Program will ensure your practice follows the EPA’s standard, helping you avoid any unnecessary fines or office shutdowns.