A new era for bonding

A true universal, Tokuyama Universal Bond saves the dental team time and guesswork.

For Sia Abai, DDS, MMedSc, a Tustin, CA-based prosthodontist and owner of Abai Center for Advanced Dentistry, preparing patients’ teeth for ceramic bonded restorations used to be a time-consuming process, often involving multiple steps and potential inaccuracies. Today, that’s no longer the case.

“Once I began using Tokuyama Universal Bond, our workflow immediately improved,” says Dr. Abai. A solo practitioner who relies on one assistant, one hygienist and an office manager to help him run his practice, he knows very well the value of efficiency. “One of the greatest clinical challenges of bonding and cementation procedures is the multiple steps required to prepare the tooth structure for direct restorations, as well as both the tooth structure and restoration for indirect restorations,” he points out. “The multiple-bottle techniques of the past can potentially lead to inaccuracies in treatment workflows, and they often require additional staff training in various and separate silanating agents and bonding products. Tokuyama Universal Bond has reduced the guesswork for my team when it comes to applying the right product to the proper material.”

One step, many applications
“Tokuyama Universal Bond is unique in that it is truly a one-step bonding agent compatible with many clinical situations,” says Dr. Abai. “Whether I am doing immediate dentin sealing, a direct restoration or an indirect restoration, I can depend on this bonding agent to provide a strong bond, without requiring multiple time-consuming steps.” And, because it is so versatile, he can use it on any substrate, including metals and ceramics, such as zirconia, optimizing his bonding technique without the need for primers or activators, he adds.

“Tokuyama Universal Bond has definitely facilitated greater efficiency at my practice,” Dr. Abai continues. “For one, the product allows for self-etching and requires a short application time, with no light curing. The application is as simple as mixing a two-bottle system and applying the mixture to the surface, followed by gentle air application. The entire process takes me 20 seconds – a time-savings that is invalu- able to both my staff and patients.”

Tokuyama Universal Bond: At a glance
Tokuyama Universal Bond offers much more than your typical bonding agent.
• Quick & Easy. Application takes 25 seconds and requires no light cure, agitation or wait.
• Reliable. Provides high bond strength for both direct and indirect restorations.
• True Universal. Works on all restorative substrates. No additional activators or primers are required.
• Active Chemistry. The self-curing bond offers worry-free polymerization where curing lights cannot reach.

In addition, Tokuyama Universal Bond is compatible with different etching techniques, including total-, self- and selective-etch mode. It works with all dual and self-cured materials, without the use of a separate activator. And, it can be used as a primer for silica-based and metallic restorations.