Sept/Oct 2018


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The Equipment Guide
Equipment solutions for your group practice No matter what time of year a group practice makes a big purchase, you want to be certain it is an investment – not just overhead. You can start the process by sitting down with your suppliers, analyzing how your group practice currently operates, examining your short- and long-term goals, and then arriving at optimal solutions. The following articles present products and solutions to help your group practice succeed.

Editor’s Note
Tomorrow’s Leaders

Sharps Injuries Hurt
How One DSO Eliminated the Pain

ADSO Summit
Partnering for Growth

Purchasing for the Long Term
Will the equipment you choose for your DSO today still be workable in the future?

Follow the Leaders
DSO members are in a unique position to implement cutting-edge technologies in their communities.

Future State
Implementing new technology may be challenging, but the alternative is worse.

Staying the Course
Tru Family Dental seeks technologies that serve both dentists and their patients.

Dental Infection Control Awareness Month
Infection control is a vital component of safe dental care

Fast-Acting, Ready-to-Use
When selecting the best surface disinfectants for a dental practice, efficiency and efficacy count.

Jump Start Organic Growth in Your Practices

Addressing Your Team’s Needs
How to galvanize your team when times are tough

Health News & Notes

Why I Close 23 of My Dental Offices Once a Year
An open letter to the dental industry

Industry News